Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drop off donations at your Thrift Store?   YES – however, only certain days.

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday! – We ask that all clothing and fabrics be washed, and all items be cleaned before drop off. Donors will be directed to the back of the building for drop off, and are not required to have a face covering if outside the building. Volunteers will be wearing masks during drop off interactions, and all items will be stored for 24-48hrs before being put out for sale. 

Does everyone have to wear a mask to enter the Thrift Store or the Courtesy Kitchen?  YES

In order to protect our most vulnerable guests, we ask that everyone use hand sanitizer when they enter and wear a face covering over their mouth and nose while in our establishment. Face shields are acceptable if individual conditions limit the use of masks. Children under 5 do not have to wear a mask. We believe this helps us drastically limit the chance for exposure as well as fulfill our Work Safe expectations. 

Please see the BC Center for Disease Control’s information on masks: 

Are your 2020 financial reports available?   YES

Please refer to our REPORTS page for a full list of our current and past years reports. 



Where is the new Kitchen located?  7229 5th Street in Grand Forks, B.C.

What are your open hours for the Courtesy Kitchen?  Monday – Friday, 8am-2pm 

Exceptions for holidays, occasional evening meetings, and special events

What are your COVID-19 measures at the kitchen?

Currently we are open for take out only, and do not provide any dining on site. Only 2 guests are allowed in at a time, and we ask all to keep a 6ft distance. We have hand sanitizer as well as a hand washing station as soon as you enter. All cleaning measures have increased and we sanitize high contact surfaces regularly. 

Do you deliver meals?  Available by request with advance notice

As an additional COVID-19 measure, to reduce traffic and increase availability to those who are self isolating, we can deliver meals within City limits. Please call (236) 352-0041 to make arrangements, and allow at least 1 days advance notice so we can notify the driver. 

What does Courtesy Kitchen mean?

We will always have a courtesy meal available by donation, or free to anyone in need. We encourage all to act politely and respectfully in attitude and behaviour towards others. 

Is there a public washroom at the Courtesy Kitchen?     YES     

As well as internet and a public phone. With new COVID-19 measures, we sanitize the bathroom regularly to ensure it is safe and remains accessible to the public. 

Is drug use allowed on your property?     NO     

Illegal activity is not tolerated, and some incidents may require RCMP involvement. 

Is smoking allowed on your property?        NO     

New to this location, absolutely no smoking is allowed on the premises. 

Are there posted rules, and what are they?     YES

See our Posted Rules page.

Is the Courtesy Kitchen wheel chair accessible?     YES

Ramps are available at the street corner and into the front door; washroom is accessible.

Are you able to cook food on site?  YES

We are not allowed to deep fry, pan fry, or grill, as it could create smoke or grease-laden vapours. Meals are prepared onsite, and we have limited our menu offerings to accommodate this. 

Do tax dollars pay for the Courtesy Kitchen?   NO

We receive substantial community gaming grants, which are generated from gambling revenues and made available to registered non-profits (not guaranteed). The rest of our income is generated internally through the community’s generous donations to our local Thrift Store, and fundraising initiatives. 

Do volunteers have criminal background checks?   NO

Only staff positions are subject to criminal background checks at this time.

Why was it called a Community Kitchen in the past?         

While there are many interpretations out there, for us Community Kitchen meant everyone is welcome to participate. We’ve always served anyone in our community wanting a meal, not just the homeless or downtrodden. We encourage people to donate where possible, and we encourage people help out when possible.

Has the Community Kitchen gathered statistic about Guests in the past?    NO

We have tracked number of meals distributed, but no other data around who ate it.

We have developed a new Host position and hope to develop a periodic survey system to gather more insight into our Guests, while maintaining respect to privacy.

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