Warming Centre


Located at 7500 Donaldson Drive in Grand Forks, BC

7500 Donaldson Dr

Whispers of Hope supports a yearround shelter in our community.

When approached in December, in desperation, to offer administrative oversight for the Warming Centre, we knew it was a matter of life and death for some people, and were proud to oblige. With insight from many stakeholders and professionals over the years, we know that providing these services keeps people safe, especially during extreme weather, and also reduces camping and loitering in the downtown core.

While we agree that more local support services are needed, we encourage the community to build upon and improve current services, rather than eliminate them. In time, we hope to see an organization more directly associated with housing initiatives take on and continue this project.

The New Board voted unanimously on Wednesday May 22nd 2019; we have decided to continue our administrative oversight until an appropriate organization can be found. 


All funding for this project comes from BC Housing 

Document:   Safe Stay Warming Centre – Policies & Procedures

Whispers of Hope – Chain of Command:

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