Annual General Meeting – Wednesday November 30th, 2022  6:00pm @ River Valley Church

Memberships are $2 cash per person, and grant voting rights at the meeting. Available in advance at our Courtesy Kitchen, or the night of. Current members are required to renew their memberships before the meeting starts.

Previous years documents:

WoH AGM Agenda 2021

2020 AGM Minutes

See our REPORTS page for all Financial Documents

Mission & Values

Join the Team!

Do you want to get involved? We are currently recruiting volunteers for positions in all our projects. Whether you want to work in the Store, our Kitchen, or even at the Board level, we encourage you to Contact Us today!

WoH Org Chart 2021

ARCHIVED – Organizational Flow Chart

Constitution & Bylaws

Amendments to the ByLAWS

Proposed amendments to the ByLAWS

Memberships are $2 per person, and grant voting rights at the Annual General Meeting. All members must sign and adhere to a Members Agreement in order to participate. Memberships can be paid at either or Thrift Store or Courtesy Kitchen locations.  We also accept online payments through our page, just include “membership” in the message and provide a minimum donation of $2.00.

MEMBERS AGREEMENT                                 DIRECTORS AGREEMENT

Governance Policies

Personnel Policies

Operational Policies

Volunteer Policies

Board Policies Tracking


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