Community Kitchen (Historical)

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Kitchen Projects


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  • Breakfast Program

Offering a free modest continental breakfast every morning with coffee until 10am. Typically toast with peanut butter and jam, sometimes pancakes, with fresh fruit whenever available.

  • Beverage Sales (Revenue Generating)

Canned juice and various pops are sold for $1 each. The cans are saved for our bottle recycling project.

  • Composting & Animal Feed

Inedible food items are sorted based on appropriate use for animal feed or general compost and offered to local farmers and food producers. This reduces expenses, eliminates unnecessary waste, and promotes healthy food systems.

  • Local Gleaning

Our kitchen will accept lower graded produce donations, and take the time to sort for compost or clean and trim products for use in the kitchen. A difficult project when man power is low and fridge space is sparing, but still an effort we like to partake in with the aid of local farmers and food producers. We hope to offer more resources to this project and further develop the many gleaning opportunities our bountiful boundary holds.

  • Bottle Recycling (Revenue Generating)

Returnable bottles and cans are gathered and sorted by volunteers at the local Bottle Depo. We unfortunately are limited in resources and can only accept a small amount of returnable bottle donations at this time, limiting us mostly to the returnables generated through pop sales and left behind by foot traffic. We hope to be able to utilize our large bottle and can receptacles and a implement a new more efficient sorting and transport procedure by summer 2018.

  • Out of the Cold Cafe

A 2017 winter program, offered with the aid of outside service providers – a couple hours in the evening “out of the cold” with warm beverages, snacks, and an activity to engage in. Dining room doors open from 4pm-6pm and content will vary based on which organization is hosting. Any interested service providers can CONTACT US for more details on how to host an event.



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