Courtesy Kitchen

Located at 7229 5th Street – Drop In Open Mon-Fri 8am-2pm


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Kitchen Projects

All meals currently available for take-out only

Offering a free modest lunch and tea every day from 11am-1pm. We try to offer balanced and nutritious meals while utilizing donations and produce from waste recovery initiatives. Typically toast with peanut butter and jam, sometimes pancakes or oatmeal, with fresh fruit whenever available.

Thanks to the Boundary Food Banks initiatives, we are able to utilize perfectly good produce recovered from local grocery stores. This program helps us save a tremendous amount on our grocery bills, and encourages locals to increase food security and sustainability by reducing food waste.

  • Beverage Sales (Revenue Generating)

Canned juice and various pops are sold for $1 each. The cans are saved for our bottle recycling project.

  • Food Sales (Revenue Generating)

Pastries, snacks, and limited menu items will be made available for sale at an affordable rate. These items will change based on availability, seasonality, and popularity. Our main priority is to offer our Courtesy Meals, and these will serve as additional fundraising efforts to achieve financial sustainability.

  • Composting & Animal Feed

Inedible food items are sorted based on appropriate use for animal feed or general compost and offered to local farmers and food producers. This reduces expenses, eliminates unnecessary waste, and promotes healthy food systems.

  • Local Gleaning

Our kitchen will accept lower graded produce donations, and take the time to sort for compost or clean and trim products for use in the kitchen. A difficult project when man power is low and fridge space is sparing, but still an effort we like to partake in with the aid of The Boundary Food Bank, grocery stores, and local food producers. We hope to offer more resources to this project and further develop the many gleaning opportunities our bountiful boundary holds.

  • Bottle Recycling (Revenue Generating)
193525503_1714143218773217_9140535651796588428_nWhispers is now signed up to do an Express Bottle Drive –  All funds will go towards a new awning and beautifying the exterior of our Courtesy Kitchen on 5th street.
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