Thrift Store

Thrift Store Projects:

Located at 7463 3rd Street – Open Tues-Sat 10am-2pm

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  • Daily Deals – advertised in store
  • Every Tuesday is Seniors Day,  60+yrs get 25% off your entire purchase!
  • Always opportunities to volunteer, inquire in store
  • Emergency Relief – Free Items of Necessity

When someone is in need, for any reason, we will offer toiletries and basic necessities for free. In some cases when individuals or families are uprooted from their homes, we will offer clothing, linens, and basic kitchen supplies to support them in finding anew. Furry family members may also be able to receive free bags of kibble and treats when available. Outfits and items available are limited and at the discretion of staff.

  • Electronics Recycling

It is our standard to test all electronic items before they are put out on the shelves for sale, or at least properly label and indicate if the item was untested. Many donated items are unfortunately defective or damaged beyond basic repair.  We currently work with the local Return-It (Bottle Depo) Center, to ensure all unusable electronics are properly recycled and avoid ending up in the landfill. We hope to develop our ability to repair items and further reduce our footprint while also increasing revenue. We currently allow our customers to return any defective items they may have purchased, in exchange for store credit, within a week of purchasing it. We then also ensure that the item is recycled appropriately.

  • Material Recycling (Revenue Generating)

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We accept all materials, even stained or torn clothing and linens. We review and sort donations thoroughly, gathering otherwise unusable products, for recyclers who further grade, sort, and use in various practical applications. We currently work with an international company called CannAm Exports, who operate out of Vancouver. Items are picked up by the semi-load and paid for by weight, and then sold to other thrift stores, relief projects, used for up-cycled rags and insulation, etc. We shipped 4 full semi trailers of material recycling in 2017 – that’s several tons of waste diverted from the landfill!

  • Local Artisan Support

Are you a local Artisan or Crafter working on a big project? We work with many locals to accomplish their artwork as economically as possible. Whether it be help in upcycling oddities or offering savings through bulk discounts, we do our best to help bring your projects into reality. Some local projects we’ve contributed towards have included t-shirt throw rugs, cutlery crafts, glass and tile mosaics, and so many more! Please CONTACT US if you have something in mind and want to make arrangements, or if you’d like to share pictures of what you’ve done.

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